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Lee Daniels leaving Richard Pryor biopic?

You heard it! The Oscar Nominated filmmaker Lee Daniels has left the directing gig for the Weinstein Company’s Richard Pryor biopic. Sources point out that Daniels, the creator of Fox’s hit series “Empire,” was not able to fit the movie shoot into his busy schedule. The Weinstein Company declined to wait any further for Daniels’ schedule to clear up. According to Collider, Daniels is really busy at the moment, not only with his smash hit Fox series Empire, but also with a new series he’s developing at the network called “Star”. That new music-centric series takes place in Atlanta and follows three young women who start a band and rise to the top, and Daniels is intimately involved in crafting that show for its debut during the upcoming season.The Weinstein Company is set to starting production later this year, it was set to start in October that was planned before Daniels asked for another delay, word of a new director to arrive sooner rather than later.

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