Lee Daniels Owes Dame Dash Cash

After hit shows like Star and Empire, we (especially those of the black and LGBTQ communities) have become a fan of Lee Daniels and his work. With Precious, a coming of age film starring Gabby Sidibe being his first major film, Daniels’ has endured an abundant amount of success since that point. Allegedly, in order to ignite the fire of his dreams, Daniels borrowed $2 million from popular music producer Damon Dash and has yet to refund him. Recently, Dash confronted Daniels at a Diana Ross concert about his missing cut of the money.

In a video recording of the spicy conversation between the two, Dash approached Daniels and stated that he wanted his money back or he was going to issue a lawsuit and go public about the matter. To respond, Daniels said that he will call Dash. Unsatisfied with his answer, Dash said, “As a black man, I gave you money that you needed, so how you not gonna give me my money?” Daniels remained silent. Dash added that Daniels had three projects and didn’t credit him in any of them, including Precious. Daniels stated that he will give Dash his credit in an upcoming project that he called Billie Holiday (a possible biopic) to compensate Dash; however, Dash just wanted his money back. Daniels admitted in an interview with TMZ that the conversation was a wakeup call, and owes Dash not only because he lended him money but because he believed in him when nobody else does. In conclusion, Daniels plans to pay Dash his money back in full.

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