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Lee Daniels: "Mo'Nique Blackballed Herself"

As a favor to her good friend, director Lee Daniels, comedian and actress Mo’nique claims that she offered to star in the film Precious which she only received $50,000 for. The film turned out bigger than expected and led to the film winning a stream of awards, including an Academy Award for Mo’nique. After the film, Mo’nique was asked to travel to France to promote the movie even further. Unfortunately, the actress had to decline due to the filming of her talk show and her touring schedule, al; while taking care of her family. Needless to add, the $50,000 she got for the movie was simply for the movie, in order for her to travel and promote she would need more money. Her refusal disappointed Daniels and rumors about her being hard to work with began to make its way around Hollywood. Thus, gigs of higher pay stopped making their way to Mo’nique. For example, Netflix asked Mo’nique to do a special but wanted to pay her nearly three times less than what other comedians were paid. Because of the “angry black woman” persona that Hollywood tried to create for her, Netflix recognized that her name was a little tarnished and probably didn’t think that they were gonna pay her that much since not a lot of people were going to watch her.

In an interview with TMZ following the heated conversation between Daniels and Dame Dash, Daniels stated that the issue with him and Mo’nique was different from him and Dash. He said that Dash believed in him when no one else did so he understands Daniels’ frustration, with Mo’nique however, he says, was caused be her. He claims that “Mo’nique has blackballed herself and needs to shut up”. Daniels also said that he has consistaty opened doors for her and other Black Actors/Actresses and has given them roles outside of the typical drug dealer or prostitute roles that Hollywood tries to plant them in. To respond, Mo’nique posted a video stating, “the truth only goes away if you stop talking, and I won’t stop talking” at the end she added, “Lee Daniels, you shut up”. Daniels has yet to respond back to Mo’nique but the animosity between the two still stands. It is unfortunate to see two talented figures of Black Hollywood bicker and hopefully this madness will come to a close. Until then, The Divah Filez will keep you posted, thanks for reading!


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